excerpts from adult/child stories

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One of my favorite parts of Papa's house isn't what you would expect---it's the GARAGE. There are so many fun things to use in this giant space. You will find a red tricycle, bicycles, a Radio Flyer wagon, all sorts of balls and best of all…a huge ping pong table!

When I was little, my Grandpa used to carry me like a sack of potatoes.

He lived in a very tall brownstone in Charlestown across from the Bunker Hill Monument, and there were a lot of stairs, just like the monument.

I used to go to his house every Wednesday and play. At the end of every day, Grandpa used to turn on the TV very loudly and watch the evening news. He would make a martini and give me a sippy cup of milk. Then we would say, “Cheers!”

Equal partners, you and your child will paint the story settings for one of your family stories. Your child will draw and color the characters. Adult will cut and glue, and together you will write the story.